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I Deserve Compensation, or do I?

For 20 years, readers of the Centralian Advocate looked forward to the Friday edition. Therein Povey Stirk Lawyers published a 300-word tale of fiction based on legally newsworthy events.

The following is a sample of these blogs

22 February 2019

Homer was a middle-aged man with a wife and three children who worked at a nuclear power plant. His work was usually quite safe as he had a desk job and was usually not involved in anything dangerous. Homer was not trained, nor did he know how to deal with a lot of the risks of working in a nuclear plant.

One day at work, there was an issue and Homer was requested to climb a ladder to fix the problem. Unfortunately, he fell over and broke his leg and injured his back. He was taken to the hospital and an operation was done.

His leg was in a cast and his back caused him a lot of pain. His work had a system for receiving compensation if someone was injured at work, but his greedy boss rejected his claim and refused to help him with any expenses or to pay him while he recovered. He wanted to terminate Homer’s employment.

Homer needed to support his wife and children and, after receiving some friendly advice from his neighbour, decided to see a lawyer. The lawyer told him that he could make a claim for workers’ compensation and receive reimbursement for his medical fees, for his income maintenance (or loss of pay) and for any permanent impairment arising from the injury. Homer was very satisfied by this and asked his lawyer to proceed.


Disclaimer: This document provides general information and is not legal advice. While we endeavour to ensure the information is correct at the date of publication, laws frequently change. If anything in this post is relevant to you, please contact us for advice on your specific situation

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