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Practice Areas


  • Medical Negligence

  • Personal Injury 

  • Workers Compensation 

  • Commercial Law

  • Contract Law 

  • Wills/Advance Personal Plans 

  • Probate and Estates

  • Family Law

  • Civil Litigation

  • Criminal Law (in specialised areas)     


John Stirk

Takeaway options.

7 November 2019

Jack was the unfortunate victim of a break-in at his house in Alice Springs.  However, the burglar had hurt himself while smashing a window and a blood trail was present.  Jack’s neighbours had told him that they had all watched CSI Miami and that he would be in big trouble and would have to pay the bad guy damages. See More

Alison Phillis

Bad Behaviour

12 September 2014

In the wake of International Mental Health Day and Safe Work Month. Mental health is becoming an increasingly prevalent national issue.
We all have the right to work in a safe, bully-free workplace, but on the flipside is our responsibility to ensure our workmates enjoy that same rights. What actions can we all take to look after the workplace wellbeing of ourselves and others? See More

Nicholas Simmons

What Property?

2nd September 2015

Property is a term that is used commonly in everyday life, and most of us would assume that we know what it means. But when pressed, it is not easy to define precisely what property actually is. Even the Australian High Court has acknowledged that the term is rather broad and malleable. See More




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